Monday, July 25, 2011

Two new short stories in the works

     While my screenplay, Seekers, is at the Shriekfest Film Festival, I am taking this down time to write two new short stories for a horror website that is producing an anthology series. 
     The first is called Shadow, a ghost story revolving around a girl who learns that the ghost she has been encountering is no Casper.  The second, is a prequel to my screenplay.  In that it is discovered how the zombie's came about and the lives the characters led up until the outbreak. 
     I havent written anything in over a week because I spent so much time writing my screenplay and getting it sent in, that I needed a break from writing to refocus and to give my eyes a rest, hehe. 
     As far as the screenplay, I wont know until September if I am a semi finalist or a finalist.  So keep your fingers crossed.


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