Monday, January 23, 2012

Horror short film in development ; 3rd draft of 'Hell Weekend' completed.

     I have been busy writing, reading, rewriting and rereading my screenplay for Hell Weekend.  I think with one more revision it will be completed.  But, who knows how that will turn out.
     The characters are more fleshed out and real.  The kills are extreme and over the top (I'm thinking hardcore R-rating) and intense.  Exactly what you would expect for a flick that's a throwback to the 80's slasher craze!  And yes, there is T-n-A for all you horndogs out there!  Haha.  I even threw in something for the ladies, too.  ;-)
      I am also looking to do a short film that I will write and direct in the coming months and will be posted here on my blog as well my youtube account.  I will keep you updated on its status as it progresses.  Right now, it is just a brainstorm.  But, it's brewing.
     With the horror festival, Shriekfest, right around the corner, I am going to be getting my ass in high gear to get the script and the short film finished and, if I can, submit them both.  I'm not holding my breath for both to be able to be entered though.  I think it's one or the other.  Again, I will keep you posted. 
      Until then, keep on screaming, you twisted psychos! :-)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

'Hell Weekend' is in 2nd draft stages

     My second feature screenplay, Hell Weekend, is getting a second draft.  After writing the first 100 pages in 2 days, obviously there were going to be flaws, typos, dragging scenes, unnecessary scenes and boy, there were a lot of them.  Suffice it to say, I have gone back to clean it up before going into it a 3rd time.  I feel like 4 is my lucky number, as it took that many rewrites to get my first feature, Seekers aka Resurrection of the Dead, to get it just write.  And I owe all my thanks to Gregory Blair for getting me on the right path.  I'm still thinking of a way to repay him.   But enough babbling, let's get to point of this blog.
     The movie takes place in the late 70's.  I though the 70's were a great fit for this story as I have always found the movies from that era scared me, such as Carrie, Halloween, Jaws, Alien and The Exorcist.  Going back and doing my research, I got to writing.  But, coming up with characters wasn't easy.  I've actually had to picture certain actors as these characters, even though they may never play them.  But picturing them in these scenarios makes the writing process easier to go through.
     For instance, the character of Rose Marley would be played by, in my mind, Maria Olsen, probably the most underrated actress of our time and an indie favorite.  Claude Marley (he and Rose are brother and sister) would be played by none other than Gregory Blair (could this be my way of repaying him for all his help?).  Since these two characters border on creepy and mentally disturbed, I figured they would be perfect for these characters. Check out some their work if you don't believe me!!!
     Dana would be played by Scout Taylor-Compton (yes, Laurie Strode from Rob Zombie's Halloween films).  She may not be everyone's favorite actress, but she captures the essence of a 70's teenager perfectly to me (check out her cameo in The Runaways). 
     So far that is all I have for this.  It's still an up hill battle, but one worth climbing. 
     Will you keep you updated on more as this script develops!  I may even post an excerpt from the script for feedback!  :)
     Until then, be safe and keep on screaming!