Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!!

     As we say goodbye to 2011, and reflect on the past year:  the good, bad, ugly, meeting new people, making some great new friends, when I think about it, it's been quite an exciting year for me. 
     I wrote my first feature screenplay, Seekers, which made it all the way to the finals at Shriekfest.  Even making it to the semi-finals was exciting for me.  But to make it that far, was incredible.  And it was first time writing a full length feature!!
     I met some really great people who gave me great advice on writing including, Gregory Blair, Todd Farmer and Emilio Estevez.   I'm forever grateful to everyone who has been supportive and encouraging me to keep pushing forward and never giving up. And I don't intend to.
     I'm working on a few scripts, mainly devoting my time to a slasher script I am writing and will probably be submitted to Shriekfest 2012!
    I'm looking forward to scaring the shit out of everyone next year! Muahahahaha!  ;)


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello Horror Freaks!
     After a few days of resting my brain, I am finally getting back to working on my second feature screenplay, an original slasher tentatively titled Dead of Night, about a group of friends who are picked off one by one by a pick-axe wielding maniac named Roy Marley.  It's kind of a throwback, much in the way of Adam Green's Hatchet films, to the 80's slasher genre that I had grown up watching, and still continue to watch to this day.  But don't expect any mythology to the killer or some spiritual, other worldly bullshit.  This guy is real and means business.  
     I will keep you posted on its progress and development throughout the coming weeks and months, leading up to the 2012 Shriekfest Film and Screenplay festival.

Friday, December 16, 2011

'Seekers' gets title change; 3 new scripts in the works

     Sorry if I haven't been updating lately.  Been writing like crazy working on three new scripts, one of which I'll submit to next years Shriekfest.  I've also been fine tuning Seekers, which is now being called Resurrection of the Dead. 
     For Shriekfest, I am working on three screenplays, one called Shadows of Night, which follows a woman trying to protect her family from evil entities after they buy a new home.  The second is called Slicer, about a young man who works in a deli and, after being tormented one time too many by his coworkers, decides to get rid of them the only way he knows how:  by slicing them up and selling them to the unaware public.  The third is called Dead of Night. about a group of kids on a weekend getaway looking to have a good time, only to be picked off one by one by a psychotic woodsman who kills people with a pick-axe.  On the side, I am also working on Resurrection of the Dead 2, which will pick up immediately following the events of the first. I know what you're thinking: "The first one hasn't even been picked up yet."  And that's true, but I have a fondness for Ashlie and how she will continue to struggle and fight to survive in a world crawling with the undead.  And after rewriting her character a few times, I actually like her.  I'm sure you will, too, once it's made. 
     So, there ya have it and it's probably why I have been feeling so burnt out, but I think it'll be well worth it in the end.  
     In the next few weeks I am also going to be developing my own website and looking to get financing for ROTD.  Its going to be a challenge, but 2011 has been an incredible year for me.  2012 will be my year in horror. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Dead of Night' is back on, website coming after the New Year

     Hello All!!
     After so much zombie writing mayhem, I have gone back to my very first screenplay I started writing over a year ago, Dead of Night. 
     After all we have Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, the grandfathers of the slasher genre that took over the 80's.  In the 90's we had Ghostface from Scream and the Fisherman.  But as we reached the new millenium, studios decided to, instead of making direct sequels, remake famous horror films.  The first started with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre starring Jessica Biel.  It wasn't bad, but it was nothing spectacular, either.  After its success, a flood of remakes poured in with everything from Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Prom Night, The Fog, etc..
     But something happened in 2007 when Adam Green came out with Hatchet and its crazed, backwoods swamp dweller, Victor Crowley. 
     Hatchet was a true slasher flick, a throwback to the genre the likes of which Freddy, Jason and Michael would be proud.  Victor Crowley was more than a new name in the slasher films, it was like making a new friend and, even if you don't see him for a while, embrace him with open arms when you do.  After I watched Hatchet, I was inspired to create my own type of serial killer. 
     But how would I go about creating a character that could be in the same league as all those famous serial killers in the movies I grew up watching and loving?
     Well, it all started after a weekend trip to my friends' cottage in Michigan.  The second night we were there, it was fun, sitting around the fire, drinking, talking.  Basically having a good time.  However, we all got quite the scare that night when we all we heard was a 'Whooo!'  followed by a lot of rustling in the woods surrounding us.  Not sure what, or who, it was, but it scared us enough to run back up to the house.  Convincing ourselves it was probably just coyotes (or maybe a demonic cult) we went back down and enjoyed the rest of our night.
      But, as we sat there, I found myself drifting in and out of perpetual fantasy.  I decided right then and there I was going to create my own slasher flick.  One that would be a throwback to the 80's horror genre, but stand up in our modern era.  So I got to writing and, after careful thinking, the character of Roy Marley was born. 
      Revisiting Dead of Night, it hit me that Roy was just like meeting an old friend after a long time apart.  One that I welcomed and embraced with open arms. 
     Roy is back and he's brought his pick axe. 
     In other horror related news, I've decided that I should get some kind of website going.  Not sure how I will go about this, but I'll figure it out...eventually.  I'm hoping to have it up and running some time in the New Year. 
     2011 was a year that was full of excitement for me from being a finalist in a screenplay festival, to making a lot new friends on Facebook and Twitter, all of who are in the horror genre in some way, shape and form.  Writers who have given me a lot of great advice and encouragement, including Gregory Blair and Todd Farmer, actors that have also given me advice and support including the great Bill Oberst, Jr., John Dugan and Emilio Estevez, and directors such as Adam Green, John Carpenter and Wes Craven that have kept me inspired.
     2012 will be my year in horror.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Seekers' completed, female lead in the air

     Seekers is completed, save for a few bits that need to be cleaned up.  As for the cast, well, I think I have Bill Oberst, jr. as a shoe in for the male lead, Michael Larson, and I recently contacted Angelina Armani about playing Claire.  As for the female lead, I told you before that I think Jennette McCurdy (tv's iCarly) would be a great choice, but after careful consideration, and being realistic, I decided if she can't or won't, then maybe Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, The Uninvited, Stranded) would play it. 
     I know what you're thinking, "Who is Emily Browning?"  Well, I never actually heard of her name before either, but after I saw the cover for Sucker Punch, I wanted to know who she was.  So, I did my research and she has an impressive resume under her belt.  But lets see what happens.  Things are starting to look up.  It's a long process, but worth it.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

"You forgot the first rules of remakes: Don't fuck with the original!"

    The horror series that reignited a dying genre is back in top form as SCREAM 4 sees the return of SCREAM vets Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, as well as a new generation of 'screamers' that includes Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Alison Brie and Nico Tortorella.

Dewey(Arquette) and Gale(Cox) must work together to stop a new Ghostface in SCRE4M, on DVD/Blu-Ray now.


     Set 10 years after the events of SCREAM 3, Sidney Prescott(Campbell) is now a successful author, having just published a self-help book and making Woodsboro her last stop on her book signing tour.  Upon her return, Sidney reunites with Sheriff Dewey(David Arquette) and his wife, Gale(Courtney Cox).  Along with reconnecting with old friends, Sidney also reconnects with her aunt Kate(Mary McDonnell) and her teenage cousin, Jill(Emma Roberts), who shows a striking resemblance to Sidney from the original movie.
     To round out the rest of the cast is Jill's best friend, Kirby(Hayden Panettiere), ex-boyfriend Trevor(Nico Totorella), and horror geeks Charlie(Rory Culkin) and Robbie(Eric Knudsen), giving the film a modern twist with facebook, twitter, live web streaming and texting all woven into the plot nicely.
     But not all is well in Woodsboro, as Ghostface is waiting for Sidney and is more than ready to finish her off once and for all.  Its a new decade.  There are new rules.  And no one is safe.

 Emma Roberts is about to come face to face with a 'ghost' from the past.

       Kevin Williamson's script is full of the same tongue-in-cheek humor, this time giving it a more modern twist with facebook, twitter, texting, and live web streaming woven into the plot, albeit quite nicely.  The film revisits the discussion of the horror movie survival rules that gave the original SCREAM its edge.
     Director Wes Craven knows the horror genre inside and out. The undisputed master of horror knows what he's doing and SCREAM 4, while not as revolutionary as the original, is still relevant today.

Friday, November 4, 2011

'Halloween 9' fan made teaser

Made this just for fun.  But, oh how I wish it was real.  :)  Enjoy! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

SEEKERS gets the rewrite treatment

     While technically not a complete rewrite, Seekers is going through some major changes with new added scenes and extended scenes.  And it's all on the advice of a really good friend and writer, Gregory Blair, who not only gave me kudos for writing a script and being a finalist in a screenplay competition, but also gave me alot of great advice on how to make it better.  So, I thank him for that!
     I'm also going on the promotion and publicity task once its finished because I believe, in my whole heart, that this movie will get made with the cast that I want.  In my opinion its the only way the movie will work.  I think the cast is perfect and fit well with the movie.  Let's hope, that after the rewrites, blood, sweat, tears and hard work that it happens. 
     Many people ask me, "What sets your movie apart from the other zombie movies out there?"  Well, there really is nothing spectacular that sets it apart from films like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, or even the AMC smash hit television show, The Walking Dead.  I think everything you can possibly think of to have zombies has been done.  But, who doesn't like a good zombie flick? 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of 'Halloween'

     After 33 years of Michael Myers' carnage through Haddonfield, Illinois, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than releasing clips from the Halloween series everyday until October 31st!  And, to top it off, there will be a trivia game with prizes.  More details to come soon.
     Until then, enjoy the opening scene of John Carpenter's Halloween.

Friday, September 30, 2011

new screenplay "Dead of Night" being written with actress AJ Cook in mind.

     Now that I am back to writing, I have been grinding my fingers away at a new script tentatively titled Dead of Night, with a very popular actress in mind for the lead:  AJ Cook.
     If you don't know who she is, then watch Final Destination 2 or check her out as Jennifer "J.J." Jareau on CBS's Criminal Minds.
     The reason I have her in mind for the lead is because the story of Dead of Night is about woman who moves into a new home with her husband and two children.  When mysterious things start happening, she passes it off as nothing.  But then her youngest child starts talking to an imaginary friend and things start to go haywire.  The bottom line of the story:  How far would you go to save your family from something you can't see?
     I think she would be perfect for the role.  Just have to pitch the idea to her once it's done.  Hehe  :)


fake teaser for 'Seekers'

This is a faux teaser I made to give you a taste of what my screenplay is about!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poster design!!

     Since my screenplay, Seekers, has become an official finalist in the Shriekfest Film & Screenplay festival, I need to come up with two posters to promote/generate buzz. 
     This is a non-paying gig.
     Just to give you something to go on, Seekers is a zombie film, so that in itself should get your creative juices flowing.  :)
     I only need two to turn them into 11x17 sizes.  It doesn't have to be grotesque or loaded with blood and guts.  A zombie crawling out of the ground, a hillside background with zombies walking down the hill, etc. Something simple, but eye catching.  I'll add the title and log lines myself.
     So if you can help me out, I will be forever grateful and appreciative.  You can send your pics, art, drawings to my email address. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling all artists!

     Do you like to draw? Sketch? Paint?
     I am currently looking for someone who can draw up some sketches or drawing for my zombie screenplay, Seekers.  
     It's a non paying gig, but you will get publicity and promotions from me. 
     If you think you have what it takes to draw some scary, creepy, eerie, zombie-fied sketches then show me what you got.  Nothing is too grotesque or morbid, just no over-the-top-gore.  Remember, it's not gore or blood and guts that sells.  It's the way its presented.
     The best sketches will be hand picked personally by me.  Multiple artists are encouraged because I love to see everyone's interpretation of their take on a zombie!  The scarier the better! 
     Each sketch(up to 4 or 5) will be made into 4"x6" or 5" x 7" postcards for distribution, promotion and publicity.  Yes your name will be on the postcards as the artist!
     So send as many as you like either by e-mail or postal mail. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with to scare me!  Hehehe.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

horror short story

     In the midst of writing a sequel, I'm also working on another short story.  There's no title as of yet, but the story follows a young woman named Cathy, who witnesses her boyfriend Mark's brutal murder at the hands of his mother and father. She goes to the police, but they do not believe her.  After Cathy has one last run in with Mark's parents, killing the mother, she packs a bag and drives herself to her parents remote cabin in the woods, far from civilization.  She thinks she's safe,until a strange elderly woman shows up and begins to show signs that she may be related to her boyfriend's parents.
     Also, I am going to finish another short story I started writing back in October after my weekend in Michigan with my friends.  Had quite a night while we sat around the bonfire.  Let's just say what happened scared us all.  It was perfect to write a story.  Hopefully when that is finished it will give you the willies just as it gave us.
      Will keep you posted on my progress. :)

"Seekers 2" being written!

     While waiting to hear if my first screenplay Seekers will be a semi finalist or a finalist in the Shriekfrest Screenplay and Film competition, I've started writing the sequel.  I'm confident.
     Picking up where the first one ended, the character of Ashlie is now alone and injured.  Along the way she meets four friends who are also making their way to the shelter set up in Chicago by the CDC, but soon discover that the entire city has become over run by the undead.  After being rescued by the military, Ashlie and her four friends are taken to a shelter not far from where they were.  As the days go on, Ashlie discovers that the CDC had set up the shelter where she is taken two years previously and that the zombie outbreak was a planned study go awry.  Now, she must stop them from "animating" more of the undead before they take over the nation and, eventually, the world. 
     The character of Ashlie, as I may have said before, is like the Ripley of the Alien series.  She's tough but also has a soft spot and a heart for mankind.  There really hasn't been many strong female leads lately.  And speaking of Ripley, I have actually introduced a character in Seekers 2 that would be perfect for Sigourney Weaver.  Hehehe. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rob Zombie's 'Halloween 2'

Here's another clip I did.  I added the score "Jamie's Nightmare" from Halloween 4 to give this scene a little bit more of a Halloween feel.


My dream "Halloween" movie

Here is a faux teaser I made for the 9th installment to the original Halloween series.  If only. 

I used clips from Jamie Lee Curtis' latest film, You Again, and a clip from Hatchet 2.  And the obvious clip from Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danielle Harris tribute video

     Check out this little video I made of my favorite actress, Danielle Harris, star of the Halloween series, Hatchet 2, and her up-coming directorial debut, Among Friends.
     Set to the song, Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones, the video is a slideshow of some of the best pictures of America's favorite Scream Queen. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Two new short stories in the works

     While my screenplay, Seekers, is at the Shriekfest Film Festival, I am taking this down time to write two new short stories for a horror website that is producing an anthology series. 
     The first is called Shadow, a ghost story revolving around a girl who learns that the ghost she has been encountering is no Casper.  The second, is a prequel to my screenplay.  In that it is discovered how the zombie's came about and the lives the characters led up until the outbreak. 
     I havent written anything in over a week because I spent so much time writing my screenplay and getting it sent in, that I needed a break from writing to refocus and to give my eyes a rest, hehe. 
     As far as the screenplay, I wont know until September if I am a semi finalist or a finalist.  So keep your fingers crossed.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heading back for fun with the undead!

     It's been a week since I finished my screenplay, Seekers, and now I am going back into it with fresh eyes and giving it the revisions and additional scenes it deserves to make it better.
     With two actors who want to be a part of it, and just waiting on one more confirmation from Jennette McCurdy, my movie would be set with my complete cast.  Which means everything is coming together. 
     I'm very excited by all the excitement that's happening and looking forward to getting it finished and getting made. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my fan made HALLOWEEN 9 trailer

If only...I hate making these things because I always sit and think, "What if?"  anyway, i hope you enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed making it!