Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling all artists!

     Do you like to draw? Sketch? Paint?
     I am currently looking for someone who can draw up some sketches or drawing for my zombie screenplay, Seekers.  
     It's a non paying gig, but you will get publicity and promotions from me. 
     If you think you have what it takes to draw some scary, creepy, eerie, zombie-fied sketches then show me what you got.  Nothing is too grotesque or morbid, just no over-the-top-gore.  Remember, it's not gore or blood and guts that sells.  It's the way its presented.
     The best sketches will be hand picked personally by me.  Multiple artists are encouraged because I love to see everyone's interpretation of their take on a zombie!  The scarier the better! 
     Each sketch(up to 4 or 5) will be made into 4"x6" or 5" x 7" postcards for distribution, promotion and publicity.  Yes your name will be on the postcards as the artist!
     So send as many as you like either by e-mail or postal mail. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with to scare me!  Hehehe.


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