Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Seekers 2" being written!

     While waiting to hear if my first screenplay Seekers will be a semi finalist or a finalist in the Shriekfrest Screenplay and Film competition, I've started writing the sequel.  I'm confident.
     Picking up where the first one ended, the character of Ashlie is now alone and injured.  Along the way she meets four friends who are also making their way to the shelter set up in Chicago by the CDC, but soon discover that the entire city has become over run by the undead.  After being rescued by the military, Ashlie and her four friends are taken to a shelter not far from where they were.  As the days go on, Ashlie discovers that the CDC had set up the shelter where she is taken two years previously and that the zombie outbreak was a planned study go awry.  Now, she must stop them from "animating" more of the undead before they take over the nation and, eventually, the world. 
     The character of Ashlie, as I may have said before, is like the Ripley of the Alien series.  She's tough but also has a soft spot and a heart for mankind.  There really hasn't been many strong female leads lately.  And speaking of Ripley, I have actually introduced a character in Seekers 2 that would be perfect for Sigourney Weaver.  Hehehe. 

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