Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poster design!!

     Since my screenplay, Seekers, has become an official finalist in the Shriekfest Film & Screenplay festival, I need to come up with two posters to promote/generate buzz. 
     This is a non-paying gig.
     Just to give you something to go on, Seekers is a zombie film, so that in itself should get your creative juices flowing.  :)
     I only need two to turn them into 11x17 sizes.  It doesn't have to be grotesque or loaded with blood and guts.  A zombie crawling out of the ground, a hillside background with zombies walking down the hill, etc. Something simple, but eye catching.  I'll add the title and log lines myself.
     So if you can help me out, I will be forever grateful and appreciative.  You can send your pics, art, drawings to my email address. 
     email: horrorguy30@yahoo.com

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