Wednesday, August 3, 2011

horror short story

     In the midst of writing a sequel, I'm also working on another short story.  There's no title as of yet, but the story follows a young woman named Cathy, who witnesses her boyfriend Mark's brutal murder at the hands of his mother and father. She goes to the police, but they do not believe her.  After Cathy has one last run in with Mark's parents, killing the mother, she packs a bag and drives herself to her parents remote cabin in the woods, far from civilization.  She thinks she's safe,until a strange elderly woman shows up and begins to show signs that she may be related to her boyfriend's parents.
     Also, I am going to finish another short story I started writing back in October after my weekend in Michigan with my friends.  Had quite a night while we sat around the bonfire.  Let's just say what happened scared us all.  It was perfect to write a story.  Hopefully when that is finished it will give you the willies just as it gave us.
      Will keep you posted on my progress. :)

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  1. TO me this is very freaky! Keep it up! Very proud!