Saturday, February 4, 2012

'Seekers 2' 1st draft near completion, 'Hell Weekend' in final draft stage

     Working on 4 scripts wore me out.  I lost all sense of direction and got every character, scene, story and killer mixed up.  So I took a breather and focused on writing one, which was Hell Weekend.  Now that that script is going into the final draft stage, which I will get to in a few days, I took another script I had started working on a several months ago and revisited the zombie landscape in Seekers 2: Rise of the Dead.  
     I am always writing and learning my craft and the only way to do that is just keep pushing forward and never giving up, which is what I nearly did.  I didn't want that or disappoint people in just throwing in the towel and settling into a rut.  I have so many people who are encouraging, supportive and inspiring that I would be letting them down if I just stopped.
     Now I can focus and the words are flowing like the blood in my veins.  
     Hell Weekend needs one more read (I'm thinking this will be my Shriekfest entry this year) and it will be good to go.  I already have two actors in mind to star in it, but not set in stone.  Although it would be bad ass!
     Seekers 2: Rise of the Dead picks up moments after the first and continues to follow Ashlie as she learns that the virus is spreading rapidly.   I'm on the first draft and this is a much bigger story with more of the undead, more action and even a little bit of a love story thrown in this time for Ashlie.
     I'm looking forward to bringing these to life and making them great. 
     Keep screaming! :-)


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